Hair Care


  • Co-wash your hair before installation with a light-based quality brand name conditioner using cold water.

  • We recommend that you co-wash the hair every 2-3 weeks, only shampoo when many hair products have been used on hair

  • Allow the hair to air dry (NEVER blow dry) for best results. remember heat can cause damage to hair

  • Gently comb hair with a wide tooth comb, from bottom to top.

  • Always sleep with a silk/satin head wrap or scarf. ​


Our hair is 100% virgin hair which means it can be colored to many different colors. (seek professional)

Hair Dont's:


  • DON'T massage or rub the hair against itself, only wash in a downward motion

  • DON'T split or cut the wefts, doing so can cause shedding of the hair.

  • DON'T use bristle brushes as they tend to latch onto hair fibers and rip them from the weft.


With these helpful tips you will be on your journey to beautiful hair!